Question: What do I do if something is wrong with my stream? The playlist isn't working properly, or I'm getting a Failed to Play message?

Answer: Most issues with streams can be fixed by simply refreshing the connection (Pssst... Here's how to do that!) If the refresh doesn't work, consider checking to make sure you haven't blacklisted Nobex and prevented us from connecting to your stream. Finally, your stream URL may have changed you can submit a new URL and delete the old one.

If you're still stuck - on the Plus, Starter or Pro plan you can get in touch with us on the website and we'll follow up with you to find out what's wrong.

Question: My metadata is correct, but the playlist isn't updating in the app?
Answer: You or your stream provider may have accidentally blocked Nobex from connecting. If you or they have blacklisted or blocked our IP that will cause the app to fail. Please for the sake of your playlist, the happiness of your listeners and the zen-like heart rate we like to keep DO NOT blacklist/block/report the following IPs 


If you find that your playlist is not updating please contact your stream provider and request that they whitelist those IP addresses and then refresh your connection to the stream.

Answer: If your stream provider isn't blocking us, the other possibility is that the metadata is not being encoded in a way we can read. Please make sure that all encoding is UTF-8. Then refresh your stream connection on the dashboard.

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