Question: I want to have a playlist in my app. What do you need from me?
Answer: Your stream will need to contain meta data in order for us to assemble an awesome interactive playlist for your app.
Question: What kind of meta data are we talking about here?
Answer: I'm so glad you asked! Our clever system can use quite a few different formats, we strongly recommend UTF-8 encoding, and to avoid using 7HTML:

 1. Look for info in the "text=" format.
 2. Look for info where fields are separated by tildes type A
 3. Look for info where fields are separated by tildes type B
 4. Look for info in the form of song name " by " artist name
 5. Look for info in the form of artist name " - " song name (eg. StreamTitle='Ayiesha Woods - Happy ';StreamUrl='';)

Most stations fall under No. 5.

Numbers (e.g., timestamps) and underscores shouldn't prevent the data extraction. However, they will prevent us from identifying the song and we will probably show an incorrect album cover or no cover at all.

Question: My metadata is correct, but the playlist isn't updating in the app?
A) You or your stream provider may have accidentally blocked Nobex from connecting. If you or they have blacklisted or blocked our IP that will cause the app to fail. Please for the sake of your playlist, the happiness of your listeners and the zen-like heart rate we like to keep DO NOT blacklist/block/report the following IPs 




If you find that your playlist is not updating please contact your stream provider and request that they whitelist those IP addresses and then refresh your connection to the stream.

B)  Your metadata is not formatted in UTF-8 encoding. Please check with your stream provider to ensure that the metadata is encoded UTF-8.

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