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Trouble Connecting to the Stream
Trouble Connecting to the Stream

What can I do to make the app connect to my stream? I'm getting a Communication Error

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Question: I'm launching my app and it just doesn't want to connect to the stream. What's up with that?

Answer: I'm glad you asked! There can be a number of factors that make it difficult to connect with your station's stream. Here are a few likely culprits:

  • Your bit rate is too high. Please keep in mind when you submit a stream for your app that users will be on WiFi and carrier networks. Having a very high bitrate stream can burn through a lot of data. The great thing about the Nobex platform is the system is smart enough to know when a user has left a WiFi zone and connect them to a lower bitrate stream. So consider submitting two streams. A higher stream (64bps) for users on WiFi and a lower stream (32bps) for users on Carrier networks.

  • Your port number is wrong. Check if the port number you are using and the port number of submitted stream are the same. The port number is the number following the colon (:) in the stream IP. 

  • You need to refresh the connection to your stream in the Partner Dashboard. Follow these steps.

  • You've accidentally blocked Nobex from connecting. If you have blacklisted or blocked our IP that will cause the app to fail. Please for the sake of your playlist, the happiness of your listeners and the zen-like heart rate we like to keep DO NOT blacklist/block/report the following IPs 







Question: I can stream just fine for a bit, but then the stream drops

Answer: There can be a few factors

  • Check your connection, if you're on the Carrier network, it could be that coverage is very low in your area.

  • Check your settings, under the Menu > Settings, Allow Data Connection - to allow the app to automatically reconnect to the network if there is an interruption.

  • Your stream may not have enabled HTTP/2 support. Please check your server to be sure this format is supported. For those of you using Amazon Cloudfront, this is a helpful article

If you're still having difficulties, please let us know by logging into and clicking on the messages icon in the bottom right corner. 

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