Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I leave a state while being active in a session?
How does Novig make money without charging fees on trades?
What is NBX? What kinds of bets will be available on it?
How is Novig different from a traditional sportsbook?
Why is my deposit not showing up in my Novig account?
How long do online banking withdrawals take?
What does it mean to be long on an outcome?
When are you launching in my state?
Why am I seeing a banner saying 'Location restricted'
I am unable to retrieve my login credentials to an existing account and am not allowed to create a new one
Can I access my Novig account in a state that does not permit sports gambling or where Novig is not licensed?
What happens if I trade or place a bet inside an allowed state but want to trade or cash out while in a different state?
I received an email saying I already have a Novig account, but I cannot get into the account
If I open an account in Colorado, do I need to open another account if I move to another state?
Can I open an account for someone else?
Why can’t I trade an outcome?
What does it mean to be short on an outcome?
What device platforms do you support?
Can I use the Novig app on an iPad?
Is Novig available for Android devices?
Is there a web version of Novig, or is it app-only?
Can I bet parlays?
I used the wrong email during sign-up. How do I change my email?
Can I change the odds type from American to Decimal or Fractional?
Where is Novig available?
How to manage your portfolio
Why am I seeing a banner saying 'Network disconnected'