The Layout Tool is found on the top menu of the resume builder. This tool allows you to easily define how the different sections of your resume are organized and which content elements to include or exclude.

The first option available is to select the Experience Level from the drop-down menu. This gives you five choices:

  • Student/Just starting out

  • Graduate/Some experience

  • Intermediate/1-5 years of experience

  • Senior/5+ years of experience

  • Freelance/Any experience

By choosing the Experience Level that corresponds to your background, your resume will be set to a preset length and with recommended sections.

For example, a student resume layout will place the Education section first and it will be set at a length of one page because students have less experience they need to highlight.

The Layout Tool also allows you to quickly choose whether you want your resume to be sized for US Letter Format (ideal for applications in the US). You can also select whether you want to include a title, summary and photo on your resume.

There is also the option to select a Predefined layout or a Custom layout for your resume. By choosing the Predefined option, you will be given a series of layouts to choose from that correspond to the Experience Level you select at the top of the page. This is ideal for those who want to take the guesswork out of which resume sections to include.

The Custom option is available on Premium accounts. This feature gives you total control over which resume sections to include and where they are placed. You can also decide whether you want your resume to be organized in one column or two.

Creating a custom layout is just a matter of dragging and dropping sections from the right side of the screen into the desired place within the layout on the left.

It’s important to remember that removing a section from your resume using the Custom layout tool will not mean you lose the content you’ve already written. For example, if you wrote a list of References on a previous resume version, but you decide a new version won’t include a Reference section, just drag this section off of your layout. Your written content is saved in case you want to re-insert this section later on.

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