If the Download button in the top menu is grey and does not work it means that you are using Premium features in the Basic account.

Premium features can be tested as we wish to offer full transparency for what to expect when your account is upgraded to Premium. Our editor offers you a live-view mode, so the text-based PDF version will look exactly the same.

You will notice a blue pop-up at the bottom of the page, as in the following example: 

You can press on the arrow in the blue pop-up to see what Premium features you have used:

As you can see,  there are 3 Premium features used (they are also marked with a white/blue star next to them):

  • Creative Background 

  • Theme Color

If you wish to download your resume/CV using Premium features, you can easily upgrade your account to Premium here: 

If you wish to download your 1-page resume for free, then you can easily change the Premium features (marked with a star) with the Basic ones, which will activate the Download function, as you can see in the following screenshot.

When using a Mobile Device or a screen with a small resolution, it is not possible unfortunately to open the pop-up to check what Premium features are used, and in this case we recommend manually checking all the features and remove the ones with a premium white/blue star next to them, or accessing your account from a laptop/PC which will give you the possibility of opening the pop-up.

Most common used Premium features: 

  • Custom Layout 

  • Writing more than 1 page

  • Cover Letter Templates 

  • More than 1 version 

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