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How to use Theme feature
How to use Theme feature

Personalize your job application by choosing a theme that reflects the brand of the company you are applying to.

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The Theme feature is found on the top menu of the resume builder. This is the main feature for giving your resume its unique visual identity.

Click on the Theme menu item to reveal the styling options that are available.

Choose which color to apply to your resume’s font and graphics (icons and boxes). Be sure to use the arrows to reveal all your options. A Premium account will give you access to 20 more color options. Use the arrows to scroll through all your options.

With Premium, you get 20 creative backgrounds that can be applied to your resume to help give the impression that it was professionally designed.

The background can be applied with the same colour theme you’ve selected or it can be applied in grayscale by unchecking the box that says “Sync Background Color with Theme”.

Experiment with different combinations of colors and backgrounds until you’ve found the right look for you.

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