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Setting-up navigation
Setting-up navigation

Choose which pages are shown in the header navigation

Written by Dan Minchom
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The navigation provides quick links to key sections of your store. Having a navigation is optional. If you have a small number of products or pages this may not be necessary. The site logo will always link users back to the home page.

You can access the Navigation settings in the Site section on the sidebar. From here, you can add to and organise the navigation.

Adding navigation items

To add items to the navigation, you can either search for existing pages on the store, or enter the URL for an external link.

Adding sub-navigation

You can create sub-navigation so that navigation items appear as a drop-down when hovering over the top-level item. To do this, click navigation item Actions > Add Sub-navigation and select a page or URL as above.

To make an existing navigation item appear within a sub-navigation group, click navigation item Actions > Edit, then select the parent page from the Navigation Structure dropdown.

To restore a sub-navigation to appear on the top level, click navigation item Actions > Edit, then select 'Top Level' from the Navigation Structure dropdown.

The parent page for a sub-navigation list will still link through to that page when clicked. If you do not want this follow the instructions in this article:

Reordering items

To reorder items, drag and drop using the handle on the left hand side.

Items cannot be moved into and out of groups to organise sub-navigations.

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