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Product artwork and images
Product artwork and images

Set the artwork and product images that will appear on the product page

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Products have a main artwork image, which is shown on product listings.

Formats can also have an artwork image, which will show when the product format is tagged instead of the product itself. This is useful when listing both vinyl and CDs on a store listing page.

Products and formats can also have additional images added. These will show on the product page, under the product artwork.


The artwork is a single image that is attached to a product or format. The product artwork will be displayed on all product pages and if the product is featured in a grid module, this image will display there. This added once the basic product is create. This is the image that will be tagged to any digital files associated with the product.

Artwork can also be set on the product format. This is also a single image (e.g. a vinyl mockup) that will only appear if featured on a page if the format is tagged. It acts as an override to the product artwork in this case.

Product images

Additional product images and format images can be added to highlight specific details of a product, you can add as many of these as you like and they will appear below the product artwork on a product page.

Product images are shown on the product Text and Media tab.

They can be added from here, or by going to:

Product > Actions > Upload Image

You can link the images to a specific format, by selecting the format from the Parent radio options.

  • Images linked to the Product apply to the whole product. These should be used to provide detail or a mockup of any part of the product that isn't specific to one format.

  • Images linked to the Format should apply to that specific format and are linked to a particular format.


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