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Information to submit t-shirt orders
Information to submit t-shirt orders
Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

This is a check list of things you need to provide to get an accurate specification for a t-shirt order.


Split by size


Screen print / Digital print etc.

Shirt manufacturer

Guildan / Continental / American Apparel etc


In high resolution (Preferably vector: PDF, EPS, but JPG, or PNG are possible)

Positioning information

Measured in centimetres from the nearest hem or edge of the fabric. e.g. Centred on the Shirt, 5cm from the hem of the neck at the front.

Include an illustration for clarity if possible.


Provided ideally as a Pantone if screen printed.

Other considerations

Tagging, Bagging / Packing / Folding / Embroidary

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