Cookies and tracking snippets
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The following images matches what we can see on any bleep stores at the moment.

Initial view


The cookie message is loaded based a cookie message object and the opt out options are dynamically loaded based on the cookie preference included in that same object.


The cookie message object with the correspondent preferences can be loaded from the matching store domain as JSON:



is a GET parameter that needs to be linked with opt out checkboxes shown on the previous section.


Hitting Accept Cookies or Accept Selected Cookies needs to trigger the post-back to write the actual cookie params that will then be verified on the next refresh. These params will be also used by the backend to request the correspondent tracking snippets (matching the selected preferences)

While integrating with third-party websites an extra call is required to make sure the acceptance is considered for the supporting store too.

The “a” and/or “ma” GET params need to be added:



Similarly to what was described before to load the tracking snippets we need to specify the preferences that were chosen by the client.

GET “a” and/or “ma” params.


These call needs to be done on the backend considering that the results snippets need to be loaded on the very first stage of the page load, inside the head tag.

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