ActiveCampaign event tracking
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Site and Event tracking

Ochre power stores allow integrating with ActiveCampaign site event tracking features.

The feature is built on top of the ActiveCampaign mailing list integration, so setting that up is required before you can use the event tracking feature.

To activate that the corresponding configurations have to be enabled on ActiveCampaign through the following steps:

  • Settings

  • Tracking

  • Site Tracking (mark as enabled)

  • Add required store domain to the whitelisted domains

  • Event tracking (status on)

At this point we should be able to see a “tracking code” snippet which includes a parameter called “setAccount”. This points to the relevant account number we’ll need to add alongside the “event key” displayed right below in that same page.

Those can then be added on for a given store through the following steps:

  • Site Settings

  • Tracking and Analytics


    • The value should added with the following pattern: ”accound_id:event_key”

As soon as this is added to the store, it will enable a tracking snippet that should allow to publish all URL hits (site tracking) and also mirror all custom events used for google analytics. Although, this feature will follow the required GDPR rules related to cookie / tracking consent.

Events will only be published after it has been explicitly authorised by the user after accepting marketing type cookies.

Custom events and tagging

Ochre developed a solution that can allow adding a custom button that, when clicked, can push a custom event or tag logged for the logged in customer, provided he’s subscribed to the corresponding mailing list.

This can leverage automations that can trigger follow-up actions on the ActiveCampaign side.

These buttons can be added by the following markup:

<button class="ac-opt-in-button hidden" ochre-mailing-list-id="[mailing_list_id]" ac-event-type="[type]" ac-event-data="[event_data]" disabled>[display text]</button>

  • mailing_list_id

    • This can be picked up from Ochre when creating / editing it

  • type

    • Can be “event” or “tag”

  • event_data

    • Text that will be sent to ActiveCampaign

  • display_text

    • Text that will show in the button itself when displayed

When the type is “event” the data will be shown in the contact’s activity on AC.

If the type is set as “tag” it will create new tags for that contact.

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