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How to move your site to a custom domain
How to move your site to a custom domain
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This will require some level of technical understanding. We are happy to assist with the set up as required.


After setting up, a domain switch can take up to 48 hours to propagate and update globally. Further to this, we require an additional 24 hours notice to set up the technical configuration at our end. With that in mind, please allow 72 hours from asking us to make the switch to your site being moved on to your own domain.


How to set up

  1. Let us know the custom domain you want to use

  2. Configure the domain on your domain provider (e.g: Cloudflare) with a CNAME record pointing to: 

  3. Once the CNAME is set up correctly, then we can proceed to set up the store to use it and provide the corresponding certificates

  4. The DNS (Domain Name System) settings will update globally, this will take some time


Depending on the domain provider, it might not be possible to setup root domain to a CNAME directly. e.g cannot be set to a custom domain, but can.

Cloudflare supports using a CNAME for the root domain using something they call as 'domain flattening':

In case the current registrar doesn't support this functionality, we recommend transferring the domain to Cloudflare:

Cloudflare Proxy status

Correct Cloudflare setup requires the Proxy Status to be set to 'DNS Only'. The orange cloud icon should update to show a grey cloud.

Cloudflare help article

How to check DNS change propagation

You can use the following URL to check whether the URL change has updated globally:

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