This will require some level of technical understanding. We are happy to assist with set up as required.


How to setup

Let us know the domain you want to use.

The domain needs to be configured with a CNAME record pointing to:

If the domain is a root domain (e.g, rather than a subdomain like, then CNAMEs are technically not supported in the original DNS standard. However, some providers have worked around this limitation. Perhaps the most common solution is to use CloudFlare's, which supports CNAMEs on the root using something they call "domain flattening":


There was one case where people tried to work around this in some other way by setting up a redirect in their domain control panel, e.g redirect to, and then configured the CNAME for the www subdomain. However, this actually makes it impossible for us to set up secure HTTP correctly (meaning that only would work while would technically be broken!)

Clients should avoid this solution if possible.

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