Statements and Payments FAQ

A summary of accounting statements, payments, and billing.

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Statements are found in the Ochre admin listed at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

To view statements you must have authorisation to do so, if you believe you should see these and cannot, contact your store owner, or the Ochre Operations Team.

Please ensure your accountant has access to the portal and is aware that these are made available the following month, no statements are emailed.

Monthly Invoices

Three invoice documents are generated monthly:

Self Billing Invoice

The money due to you for sales if you are using Ochre payment gateways

Ochre Retail Fees

Fees owed to Ochre for using Ochre platform and services

Ochre Dispatch Fees

Fees owed to Ochre for using Ochre Warehousing

Depending on which Ochre services you use, you may see any combination of these documents for any given month.

Why are there differences between Orders and Sales Reports and Accounting Statements?

The Sales and Orders reports in Ochre list transactions based on when the customer placed the order. As items are not accounted until dispatch, the contents of the orders reports and statements will vary on a month-by-month basis.


What is paid out and when?

Ochre pays out on physical sales shipped and digital products provided to customers in the previous month.

Monthly Payouts

If money is due to you, Ochre will pay out the balance on a monthly basis once it has reached £100. Balances are rolled over until this threshold is reached. Payment is made at the end of the month once sales have been accounted.

Monthly Payments to Ochre

You may be in a monthly payment position to Ochre. This is generally if you are not using Ochre's payment gateways, or you are shipping orders taken from marketplaces and other sources as well as Ochre Store Sales. Payment must be made by the end of the following month.

If payment is not made your account will immediately be placed on stop.

Orders not taken on a Ochre store will not be shipped. Generally, Ochre store sales will continue to ship in this situation.

Once your account is cleared we will immediate resume shipping and clear the backlog.

More on Reports

Itemised warehouse shipment reports

As standard, Ochre warehouse reports do not provide a breakdown of the contents of the shipment for orders taken on 3rd party retail platforms.

This can be configured on your account on request.

Itemised Storage statements

Itemised storage statements can be provided that give a breakdown of the cost of storage per item in the warehouse.

This cannot generally be backdated and must be downloaded at the date they are needed. If you need a monthly report for Audit or analysis this should be retrieved monthly.

Itemised storage statements can be downloaded from your Whiplash account (if you have access to this). If you do not have access, Ochre can provide this on request.

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