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Q4 2023 Shipping Information Ochre - Milton Keynes
Q4 2023 Shipping Information Ochre - Milton Keynes

All the information regarding shipping over the peak season 2024.

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Retail Plans

The main peak shopping days are traditionally in the last week of November, but we see heavy sales right up until the week before Christmas. Please send us your Black Friday and Christmas retail plans when you can so we can add to our schedule. Please provide:

  • Links to SKUs

  • Launch dates

  • Sales forecasts

This will help us plan our activity in the busy season.

Key dates
24th November - Black Friday
27th November - Cyber Monday

Last Shipping Times

The last shipping dates for some countries start as soon as 7th of December. Please consider adding messaging to your store and marketing messages to take this in to consideration so customers can make an informed decision about buying presents to arrive in time for Christmas.

Key Dates
7th December - Last postage dates - UK -> EU
8th December - UK -> USA
14th December - Worldwide Tracked, couriered services
18th December UK -> UK (RM48)

Inbound stock

With the large influx of stock we will receive for Christmas campaigns we require delivery with an inbound goods notification two weeks before expected ship out dates to ensure it is booked in. We cannot guarantee that any stock delivered after 1st December will be booked in prior to Christmas.

Key Dates
Delivery deadline for Black friday Campaigns 10th November
Delivery deadline for pre-Christmas booking in 1st December.

Stock for January projects can be delivered in December, and will be booked in ready for dispatch on its allotted release date.


The last wholesale and distribution orders for the year will ship on the 8/12/23. Please provide all distribution orders for December before this date.

Warehouse closing dates

The warehouse is expected to be closed on the UK public holiday. However reduced shifts may also be implemented between Christmas and New Year depending upon demand.

Key Dates
25th December 2023
26th December 2023
1st January 2024

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