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Shipping from the UK to EU
Shipping from the UK to EU

Shipping from Milton Keynes to European destinations, for sales on all retail platforms (Ochre / Bandcamp / Shopify etc)

Written by Dan Minchom
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From January 1st 2021 customs declarations will be required on goods passing from the UK to the EU. This requires a number of items of information

  • The Tax ID of the Retailer

  • The EORI Number of the Retailer

  • Harmonised Tariff codes

The Ochre warehouse has made the necessary adjustments to gather this information and generate Custom Declarations for EU shipments.

EORI Numbers

You will require an EORI number to move goods between the UK and Europe after Brexit. This can be applied for from your local tax authority. In the UK this is HMRC.

For goods sold on Ochre - the Ochre EORI number will be used as Ochre is the retailer. Your EORI number must be used on sales from all other retail platforms such as Bandcamp or Shopify sales.

Harmonized Tariff Codes

All items in the warehouse now need to have a standard tariff code applied to them. We have applied these for all existing items up to 1st December 2020.

Items created within Ochre will automatically have a tariff code added. Items created by Bandcamp, Shopify or directly into Whiplash must have a tariff code added manually.

Changes to Shipping Services

Royal Mail

Standard Mail services from the UK to EU (handled by Royal Mail) will be subject to import VAT in some cases. If and when this happens, varies as it is subject to local rules and is handled by local carriers in each country.

Any additional charges may be levied by the carriers.


DPD have advised that they will be have activated Import VAT handling across shipments from 1st January. There will be a fee of £3.5 to the customer. The customer will be contacted with a text message to arrange payment of taxes and fees whilst the goods are in transit.

DDP / DTP Services

We are continuing to investigate DDP shipping where taxes are paid in advance by the customer at the time of check out. We will notify clients if we are in a position to start using this on Ochre stores.

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