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There are some requirements that orders must meet in order to be combined:

  • If an order has already shipped, it cannot be combined.

  • All orders must be under the same recipient name as we cannot combine the orders if they were purchased under different names.

  • All orders must be stocked items or in the same groupbuy collection.

    • We cannot guarantee all combination requests for stocked items will be accommodated as our fulfillment may process the order(s) before CS sees the request.

  • We cannot combine orders for separate groupbuy collections due to fulfillment timeframes. Additionally, we will not combine orders for stocked items with groupbuy orders.

  • As of May 2021, groupbuy deskpads must be ordered separate from other products and cannot be combined with anything else.

  • We cannot combine orders on extras drops. With such a large influx of orders coming through in an instant, combining hundreds of orders will slow us down when we need to focus on fulfilling orders in a reasonable timeframe.

If your orders fit the criteria, please submit a support ticket and include the order numbers that you would like combined.


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