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MOQ - Stands for "minimum order quantity" and designates the minimum number that must be ordered for the product to be produced.

Interest Check (IC) - A public post on a forum or website to test the interest of a product to see if it should be produced and get feedback for possible changes and/or improvements.

Groupbuy (GB) - Similar to preorder, but is run prior to the product being purchased/manufactured. A groupbuy window is open for a stated amount of time with the goal of reaching the minimum order quantity for the production of a product. Order now, receive later (normally months to a year). Often, groupbuys will be discounted from the MSRP because of the wait time and support of the project. Go here for more details.

FCFS - Stands for "First Come, First Serve". Product sales method where items are sold on a website for whoever can check out first. The traditional way that most businesses sell things.

Raffle - Product sales method where items are sold via a lottery of random winners after a defined window period is over (as opposed to FCFS, speed does not matter). Customers enter their names into the raffle hoping to be randomly chosen to be able to purchase the item. This method is usually seen as more "fair" than FCFS.

Vickrey - Auction style buying of boards, where the 2nd top bid is used to define the buying price. Go here for a more detailed explanation.

Private Buy - Also commonly called a "Proto Buy". A small closed groupbuy with a few people to test manufacturing or just a very close group of people wanting a specific board.

OOS - Out of Stock

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