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Using the Content Matcher to find influencers
Using the Content Matcher to find influencers

Learn how to use Onalytica's Content Matcher to find influencers talking about similar topics to a piece of content

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Onalytica's Content Matcher can analyse content to find influencers speaking about similar topics. If you're looking for influencers to contribute to an upcoming piece of content, for example, you could upload the draft document to find potential collaborators.

You can find it in the Content Matcher tab of the Discover area in the top-right hand corner.

Upload your document in URL or File format then run your search to begin discovering similar influencers. 

You can use the content search with most websites and online documents (Just paste the URL including https:// etc). 

N.B. If the website has an interstitial window (like a pop-up or cookie opt-in page) this may interfere with the upload process. In this case, you may need to copy the web page and add it to a document for upload. 

The file upload supports most document formats, including .txt, .doc, .docx and .pdf . 

Unlike when you search using Boolean, the platform will analyse the document uploaded to create a "semantic signature" for the text uploaded. It will pick out the words it judges to be the most important in the body of text, and return a list of influencers with authority on those terms. You can see the words which the platform has picked out in blue, above your search results.

You'll be presented with 3 metrics for each influencer: Reach, General Authority & General Engagement.

The first 2 are the same as in the main search console (follow the links to read more about how each metric is calculated). General Engagement measures the average engagement that an influencer receives on their posts.

If you think the results are skewed by any of the words in blue, you can remove them and re-run the search. Simply click on the words to remove them, and then click "Update Search".

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