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Most Mentioned Influencers Widget
Most Mentioned Influencers Widget

Learn how to use the Most Mentioned Influencers widget

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The Most Mentioned Influencers widget lets you see which influencers in your program are receiving the most @ mentions from other Twitter users. 

This feature will let you discover new influencers to add to your program, based on engagement from the influencers you have already identified as relevant to your key topics. 

When you select "Most Mentioned Influencer" from the widget menu, you'll be presented with a few options to filter the results.

First, select the number of results you want to see - usually up to 20 should be enough to understand if there are any major influencers missing from your program. Once this is done, you can set the time interval you want to see results from.

Finally, choose the topic group you want to see @ mentions on. You can find more information on topics and how to group them in the article on managing topics.

Once the results display, you'll be able to see the Twitter accounts which have been most mentioned by your existing program influencers, ranked by total number of mentions in the timeframe selected.

In the Status/Action column, you will have one of 3 results, some of which let you take a follow-up action:

  • In Program, meaning that the influencer is already in your program

  • Add to Program, offering the option to add this influencer to your program from the influencer database

  • Not in database, meaning that the account is not in Onalytica's influencer database. If you think they should be added, you can share the account with your customer success manager to have them validated and considered for inclusion in the database.

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