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How to set-up notifications and how to use each one

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Video Guide to setting up the right email notifications for your team:

Email notifications are a really easy way to keep track of program activity, all from the comfort of your inbox. 

They can help Program Managers, Communication Managers, internal experts and SMEs in a number of circumstances. For example:

  1. Program Managers can keep an eye on what is happening within their program overall. 

  2. Communication Managers can get updates in real-time on fast moving news.

  3. SMEs can follow their assigned influencers to ensure they aren't missing opportunities to engage.

(fig. 1: Daily Digest example)

Three types of email notification:

Daily Digest 

Why use it?
Follow key topics or high priority influencers. Great for SMEs wanting to engage with their influencers.

How does it work?
The Daily Digest covers the previous 24 hours from the scheduled delivery time. They can be scheduled for delivery once or twice daily. Each email picks up from where the previous email finished, so you have a continuous stream of information.

Each email will display a maximum of 20 tweets and blogs from different influencers, so if one person tweets 100 times in the last day they won't dominate the email, you get to see a range of content from different people.

Additional Features

Don't send at weekends
Email notifications can be stopped at weekends. If there is no content in the notification, we won't send it to you either. 

Don't send when empty.
Why would you want an email with no content? Sometimes it can provide reassurance on sensitive topics, eg news of a product launch hasn't leaked.

Weekly Round-up

Why use it?
Get an overview of engagement across your program. See who are the most engaged influencers and topics. This could be used for tracking engagement of your SMEs too.

How does it work?
Always sent on a Monday morning
Covers the previous week from Saturday to Friday

Top 20 most engaged posts that week.

The most recent weekend is not included. Why is this?

As engagement (likes, retweets, comments) builds over time, we allow 48 hours before getting this data from Twitter. This gives a fuller picture of how much engagement content is getting.

Influencers are ranked by engagement. We present their most engaged content and highlight the overall most engaged content within the week. If two influencers have the same amount of engagement we will show the most recent person to tweet first.


Why use it?
Ideal for following fast moving news, reputation issues and events. Anywhere you want to engage or track things quickly.

How does it work?
We check for new content every 15 minutes based on your notification settings. We send the last 20 items to you.

These will only arrive when content is available. They run 24 hrs a day - so remember to stop them when no longer needed.

Weekly Program Insights

A high level statistical overview of a program showing trending topics and most engaged people. More information

What's in a notification?

Each tweet or blog will show you which topics or tags the content relates to. If you don't see the precise mention of a topic within a tweet it is because that topic is mentioned within a shared link. 

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