A guide to the influencer profile

Learn how to use the profile page to vet & understand influencers

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Each influencer in Onalytica's database has a profile page to help you learn more about the influencer's channels, posts, key topics & engagement levels. As you evaluate influencers and decide who to engage & who to monitor, the profile page can help you understand an influencer's impact on your topical community. You can open the profile page from most places in the Onalytica platform by clicking on the influencer's profile picture.

Summary Panel

The panel on the left-hand side of the profile summarises the key information on that influencer so that you can understand their:

  • Location

  • Company (if applicable)

  • Total Audience Size (calculated from the sum of the followers/connections for channels we're tracking)

  • Total Engagement

  • Roles

  • Industries

  • Personas

  • Social Profile links

Navigating the profile

To find the data you're looking for, use the tabs in the navigation bar at the top of the profile. The channel selection buttons will open the data for any tracked social channels available for that influencer.

What data is available?

The options available when you open each channel will vary, as the range of data that can be sourced is not be the same for every social platform. Below, you'll find a summary of what data is available from each source.


Audience Data

Demographic data on the influencer's audience, including industry, roles, locations & interests, as well as the details of the most engaged influencers in their personal network.


The data here is designed to help you understand what each influencer talks about. You'll find breakdowns of key topics, hashtags used & brands mentioned as well as a widget to search through the influencer's historic posts.



The data here is designed to help you understand what each influencer talks about. For LinkedIn, this includes most-used hashtags and top keywords used along with historic connection growth, posting activity and engagement received. You can find more details in this article.



We ingest YouTube data based on the influencer's last 15 posts every 48 hours to keep our archive of posts as up-to-date as possible for over 70k profiles. You can find more information about the YouTube data available here.


If an influencer is a member of MyOnalytica, our portal for influencers, you'll see this symbol by their name in the summary panel.

Influencers can use MyOnalytica to upload additional data about themselves to help brands understand more about their skills & interests. The data is broken down into the following tabs:


Examples of content the influencer has previously published, including articles, social posts or videos they want to showcase.


Any services the influencer offers can be found in this tab, along with rates they usually charge. They'll also list any topics they have expertise in.


This contains an "About" section describing the influencer in their own words and, if available, a longer-form interview covering their background, experience & interests.


This displays the names of previous clients the influencer has worked with.

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