Welcome to OneMind Dogs and the addictive sport of dog agility. The OneMind Dogs method is based on dogs’ natural behavior. When you communicate using your body language in the right way, all dogs anywhere in the world understand the message. For them, it simply makes sense.

We teach OneMind Dogs method to handlers. We don’t need to teach it to dogs. They already speak the language. We can help you find the magical connection that your dog is waiting for you to discover. We believe you will love it, too!

Here is a guide on where to start as a team that is new to agility:

  • Learn more about how to see agility from your dog’s perspective by studying the key concepts behind the OneMind Dogs method with the OneMind Dogs Method Online Learning Program

  • Complete the Agility Foundations Program to make sure you and your dog have strong foundations to build your agility future on.

  • Take the Obstacle Training Online Learning Program and start introducing all of the Agility obstacles to your dog in a way that he learns to perform them independently.

  • Delve into the world of Handling Techniques with our Online Program to learn how to use your handling elements to direct your dog around the course.

  • If you can’t - or don’t want to - run to each obstacle with your dog, you need to teach him some extra skills so you can work from a distance. Learn how with our Focus and Commitment program.

  • Follow Hu’s blog to see OneMind Dogs Coach Mari Kaplas raise her Australian Kelpie puppy Hu. You can see everything from Hu at 8 weeks old to fully grown and successfully competing.

  • Do you have any questions or would you like some feedback on a training video? Check out the Forum where you and other OneMind Dogs pack members can post questions, start conversations or share videos. Scroll down in the Forum to find some online feedback courses with OneMind Dogs Coaches that you can audit for free!

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