When you start to build your “agility house”, the foundation training is the soil on which you build. Even the finest country house will collapse if the soil underneath is not solid. That’s why foundation training is so important: it affects everything you do in agility throughout your dog’s whole agility career.

During the past few years, the basic training of OneMind Dogs has progressed and become much more comprehensive. If we have noticed a problem with any dog’s behavior or response to handling, we have worked to come up with a way to proactively prevent the problem in the future with foundation training. What we really like about basic training is that you can do most of it anywhere: in your living room, yard or in a forest; you don’t need agility obstacles or a training hall to prepare your dog.

Here is a guide on where to start with your puppy:

  • If you are also new to OneMind Dogs, learn more about how to see agility from your dog’s perspective by studying the key concepts behind the OneMind Dogs method with the OneMind Dogs Method Online Learning Program

  • The perfect program for you and your puppy to start at any age is our Agility Foundations Program where you and your puppy will learn all kinds of skills to prepare you for a great future in Agility together.

  • Follow Hu’s blog to see OneMind Dogs Coach Mari Kaplas raise her Australian Kelpie puppy Hu. You can see everything from Hu at 8 weeks old to fully grown and successfully competing.

  • Do you have any questions or would you like some feedback on a training video? Check out the Forum where you and other OneMind Dogs pack members can post questions, start conversations or share videos. There’s a special section in the forum just for puppies!!

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