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How to create forms in Onepage
How to create forms in Onepage

In this article you will learn how to create and edit forms in Onepage.

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You can either create new forms in Onepage directly or integrate forms that were created by other tools.

To do so you need to enter a custom code like for instance HTML or JS in the desired section. For further detail on this please read our article “How to integrate custom code to a section".

If you want to create a form in Onepage please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the section from the category “Call to Action”.

2. Go to your form:

3. Go to “Add field” if you want to add more fields to the form you are creating.

4. You can change the order of fields by dragging and dropping the sections.

5. If you go to “Settings” you can redirect people to a “Thank You” site after filling out the form. You can also redirect them to any other site that you added via a link.

Settings - Actions after submit

If you want to display a “Thank you” page or a "Thank you" pop-up message after the leads have registered themselves in your form, click on SETTINGS in the form and select ACTION AFTER CONFIRMATION.


You can add a link where you want your leads to be forwarded, after sending the form. It can be an external link, or it can be a thank-you page from your project.


Enter the information you want to fade in as a pop-up window.


You can also change the title of a form:

Don't forget to save your changes.

Checkbox / Consent

Add a checkbox to get your visitor's permission to transfer data.

Linking the form via integration

If you wish to, you may link your form with Klick-Tipp, Zapier, or Telegram.

To do so go to the CRM system in Onepage and create a separate list for this form. Once you are done with that you may link it with any of the given tools.

+++Please follow these steps if you have multiple forms in Onepage+++

Please make sure to create separate lists for every form if you want to connect a specific form to Zapier or services alike.

  1. If you are already in the CRM system click on the “+” icon next to “all”.

2. Choose one of the forms from the list and give it a name. Create list

3. Click on the according list and then on “Add integration”.

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