For owners of the agency license, we have added the possibility of collaborating.

You may add up to 12 individuals (five per project) to your Onepage projects and share them with customers, co-workers, and people who want to participate in the creation of your landing pages. Using the max-license will allow you to add up to ten people per project and 25 individuals.

The person you invite shouldn't necessarily have a Onepage license to view and work on your projects.

You can find this feature in settings. To add someone to your projects, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click on settings

STEP 2: Click on Site-settings

STEP 3: Go to collaboration

STEP 4: Type in the email address you want to send this invite to and click on “send invite”

Limiting editing rights again

Of course you can limit the access to your projects again by hovering over the email address of a member and clicking on the small x.

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