Save yourself a lot of time when creating a landing page by just duplicating finished projects, pages, and segments.

Duplicating a project

If you want to reuse your site’s structure and content for a new project, you can do so by duplicating it in its entirety. Click on the three dots in the bottom right of the project you intend to duplicate, and then click on “Duplicate

A window pops up in which you have to type in the title and Onepage domain.

Caution: Every domain can only be used once.

Type in the information and click on “Duplicate.” You have now successfully duplicated a project. Hooray!

Duplicating a page

To duplicate a page, follow the same steps as you would duplicate a project. Click on the project and choose a subsite to duplicate.

Click on the three buttons and on “Duplicate.”

Once you’ve done this you will have to type in a new title for the site and the link of the new site in the pop-up menu.

Duplicating a section

It takes but one click to duplicate any section in editing mode.

Move your mouse to the right side of the section until the menu pops up. Click on the “Duplicate” symbol, and the new section will be duplicated instantly. You can move it around freely to display it at any part of your site.

Tip. You can save time by hitting a Ctrl (or CMD) + Shift + D combination while pointing to the section to duplicate it using a hotkey.

If you want to learn more about deleting or archiving a project or a page, please read this article

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