SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the optimization of search results in the organic Google-Ranking, and you can adjust certain aspects of it right here in Onepage.

The organic ranking consists of the results of a search that aren’t influenced by paid campaigns, or paid ads but by other criteria only.

As previously mentioned you can change certain aspects of it like for instance the meta title and description, keywords, and allow the indexing of your site.


Log in to your project and click SETTINGS in the lower left corner.


Adjust your SEO settings and enter your information.


To make sure that your site is surely displayed in search engines such as Google and alike, double check if the indexing is active/not deactivated via SETTINGS > SITE SETTINGS.

To publish all the changes, you have to update the site as usual by clicking on either UPDATE or PUBLISH.

It may take up to six weeks for your site to be indexed. This is due to the high standards Google has set out and cannot be influenced by Onepage. The only way to directly have your ads displayed is through paid ads.

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