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Best practices on how to add and update elements inside the section

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Finding elements.

As you might know from the article about sections, your page consists of sections containing columns and elements inside them. We want to explain to you how it works.

Here's the section which we'll use as an example

It has two columns with elements in them. The picture on the right and two text elements + a "person" element on the left. Here's the structure :

Adding elements

To add a new element, you need to point between/after elements you want to position your new one and click " +."

The list of all available elements pops up

For now, there's a list of elements you can use :

— Headline

— Label

— Text

— Icon

— Image

— Gallery

— Slider

— Video

— Logo

— Countdown

— And more...

Select any element from the list to add it to the column.

Editing elements

Let's create a Slider. Here's how it looks after adding.

Now you can edit it. There're three ways how you can edit an element :

— Click on it to open settings (it works with Image, Slider, and some others)

— Point a mouse at it and hit Ctrl + E combination

— Click a gray toolbar to the left from an element, then click "Edit."

There're various settings unique to every element you can configure. They're explained in detail in further articles. It's intuitively easy to understand them. Just play around a little.

Moving elements around

Sometimes we want to move an element up, down, or even to another column or a section. Well, there's a solution for that

There're two ways to move an element :

— Click a gray toolbar and start moving it. You can move it wherever you want

— Use Ctrl + Up / Down to move it up or down inside the column

— Use Ctrl + C to copy an element and then Ctrl + V to paste it wherever within a project (even to another page)

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