Using a free version

A Free plan is convenient to get started and has no time limitations. You can stay on it as long as you need until deciding to switch to a paid model

Project plans & Add-ons

Project plans

Onepage has the main set of paid plans. We call them Project plans

Currently, there're Essential, Advanced, and Expert plans. They have a distinction by the number of projects and pages you can create, as well as certain features that can only be used while on a certain tier (ex. Cookie-optin or custom domain connection)

You can check a comparison table anytime on our frontpage or inside your profile

Your billing period for Project plans can be a month or a year (annual payment)

If you need to know what a project is, read this article


Add-on is an additional module you can activate in your account to add to your main subscription. Currently, we only have one module you can activate in addition to your main plan, which is called Forms & Funnels.

While Forms and Quizzes also has a free tier (that is activated by default), a paid add-on allows you to do much more in lead generation, including Logic jumps, Advanced analytics, Conversion API, and more...

After you activate an add-on, it adds up to your overall invoice

Add-ons can only be paid with a monthly billing interval

Exceeding the limits

Certain plans have limitations on the amount of leads/projects/pages you can create. However, you can exceed that volume if it's mentioned in our pricing table

Example. If you're on the Expert plan and need 30 projects instead of 20, then, an additional amount of 8 * 10 will be charged per month according to the current price per additional project.

If your plan fits only for a certain amount of projects, like Essential or Expert, that would mean you need to upgrade to a higher tier in order to receive an ability to create more projects.

How is your subscription calculated

— If your Project plan is monthly, and there are no add-ons, you receive a single invoice once per month at the time of your initial purchase.

— If your Project plan is billed annually and there are no add-ons, you only pay once a year at the time of your initial purchase.

— If your Project plan is billed annually and there is an add-on, then you pay once a year for your main plan and once per month for an add-on.

— If there's an overuse of projects (on the Expert plan) or leads (in any Quiz add-on), a prorated amount adds to your monthly invoice.

How do you upgrade a plan

You can upgrade to a higher tier anytime. Simply select a plan inside your profile to upgrade to it. There are no limitations except that there's another pending payment in your account already. In this case, you'll have to wait until it arrives or fails.

Calculating an upgrade price

An upgrade price can be different from an actual price of a plan in case you're switching from a paid plan to a higher tier.

If you're on a Free plan, an upgrade price will always be the same as what is written in a pricing plan description

Let's take a look at an example of an upgrade from an Essential plan to an Advanced plan under specific circumstances.

Days since the last payment: 10

Essential plan cost: 14,7

Advanced plan cost: 59, 7

In this scenario, there are only ten days that you were using your old plan this month, so we give you a discount of approximately five euros, lowering your upgrade price. After an upgrade, your next billing date is set to the date of an upgrade.

How to understand that a feature requires an upgrade

As simple as this. A modal box pops up after clicking it. We try to make those self-explanatory, so as soon as you hit an upgrade limit, just follow the instructions.

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