If you need to send emails when somebody submits your Form or Quiz, let's find out how to do this in Onepage.

There are two ways of sending out emails :

1. Setting up an integration for a list using an email you've built with an external email provider. (basic level, emails can't be configured for different ending steps, no variables)

2. Creating an email in Onepage and setting up conditions on when and how to send an email (advanced level)

This article is about sending emails that you create in Onepage.

How to create an email in Onepage

First, open up a Quiz or a Form and find the "Flow" tab

Hover any last step inside your Quiz or Form, click "+" and select a Send email option inside the tooltip.

You'll be asked to select or create a template. As we don't have any templates yet, let's create one.

It's an editing interface. You can build your email using the same patterns you build normal pages by clicking "+" and adding new elements.

You can also modify your headline, email address you want to send out with, and more. Let's go through all the options.

Adding variables

Probably the most interesting part of email creation is setting up variables for an exceptional level of communication.

A variable in Onepage is basically the answer to any of your Form / Quiz fields that can be integrated directly into the email. (ex. Type of service / product that your lead has chosen along the way)

Let's create your first variable by hitting a "brackets" icon :

Now you're ready to set it up.

Variable is an internal name (it's just for you and your team). Examples could be first_name, last_name, age, service, product, etc.

Default value (also known as fallback) is what you insert when there's no data to show. Example: your lead forgot to enter his / her first name while completing the quiz. In this case, you'd like to enter something like "Dear customer" as a default value.

Set up your first variables and let's continue.

Creating a template

As soon as you are finished with email content and variables, it's time to set up your template. Just save it by hitting the blue button (like on a screenshot), and you're ready to start connecting this email to any of your Forms or Quizzes.

Connecting an email to Forms & Funnels

First, let's get back to the Flow interface. And click on "Send Email"

And then select a template you've recently created to be sent after the certain ending step is reached within your Funnel or after a Form submit action.

Done! 🎉 Now, as soon as your lead hits the right ending step we'll automatically send him an email.

Let's continue and finish an email setup in case there're variables that need to be connected. Click "edit a template" and assign all variables to the Form / Quiz-funnel fields.

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