The OneSoil app is free. The mobile app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. The web app is available at Log in to it with your username. You have to access it from a computer or tablet (the web app is not adapted for smartphones).

If you still haven't signed up for OneSoil's mobile version, we recommend doing that first in the Profile tab. By doing so, all of your existing fields and their data will be saved in the account and will automatically appear in the web version.

Web app features not available in the mobile version

Variable-rate application maps

Create and download for free variable-rate application maps for planting or fertilizers like nitrogen or potassium and phosphorous.

Viewing files from machinery

Visualize files from agricultural machinery's onboard computers to analyze the quality of fieldwork throughout the season and yield after harvest.


Keep track of charts showing accumulated precipitation, growing degree-days, and NDVI changes for each of your fields to plan fieldwork.

And more

Upload as many fields as you want at once along with data about their crops and yield, compare NDVI values from different dates superimposed on satellite images, automatically distribute crops for crop rotation, and much more.

Mobile app features not available in the web version

Precipitation map

Track the intensity of precipitation in your fields and see in which direction rain clouds are moving. Data is updated every 10 minutes.

Sharing fields and notes

Send your colleagues links to your fields or notes. They'll be able to view the contents but not make any changes.

Recommendations for when to spray

In addition to weather forecasts, you'll find our recommendations on the best time for spraying.

Notifications about new NDVI images

Get notifications about changes in the NDVI index for your fields as well as about new OneSoil features.

Differences between the OneSoil mobile and web apps


Web app

Mobile app


Draw fields

Select field with auto-detected boundaries

Upload file with field borders

Delete a field

Edit field boundaries

Change field name

Share field

Sort fields

Group fields by crops

Add crop and its hybrid

Change field filling according to various values

Mark growth stages

NDVI chart


Add note

Delete note

View note

Share note

Edit note

Add photo

Build route

Crop rotation

Create crop rotation

Allocate crops automatically


Weather forecast

Spraying time

Notes about field operations and growth stages

Growing-degree days, accumulated precipitation, and vegetation index charts


Build productivity zones

Create prescription map for variable-rate seeding

Download prescription map for variable-rate seeding


View productivity zones and vegetation index (NDVI) zones

Create a prescription map for variable-rate application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers

Download a prescription map for variable-rate application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers

Field data

Visualize data from machinery (skips/overlaps during field operations) and soil test results

OneSoil weather sensors

Monitor sensor readings

OneSoil modem

Transfer data to the OneSoil modem on machinery

Download data from the OneSoil modem on machinery

Check out our OneSoil app guide to understand how the OneSoil apps help growers with their tasks throughout the agricultural season.

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