In-App Flashes (IAF) will appear on all pages whilst you have the OneUp app open in your browser. When an IAF is triggered, you'll receive a sound in your browser to notify you that an IAF is available inside the app. If an IAF triggers whilst you don't have OneUp open as your default tab we'll queue them up and show you them when you switch back to OneUp.

Setting up an In-App Flash (IAF)

Setting up an IAF is simple. They can be easily configured from within your triggers page.

Go To Your Triggers page

Go to your organisations trigger page

Navigate to your Triggers page by going to the settings menu (located in the bottom left of the sidebar) and selecting Triggers.

You must have the manager triggers permission in order to access this page.

Either create a new trigger or modify an existing trigger. In this example, we're going to modify the trigger 'When a call is made'.

Add Action

Select the in-app flash option from the add action dropdown

From the trigger configuration, click 'Add Action' and select 'In-App Flash' from the dropdown.

Configure Action

Create your action using the modal. The Flash Heading will be displayed inside the In-App Flash. If you want to limit the IAF showing to whether the user recording the performance is in a certain group, define the groups in the dropdown.

You're All Setup!

And that's it all setup! When a user logs performance, providing it matches the criteria outlined in your trigger setup, an In-App Flash will appear in the bottom left.

IAF's can be dismissed by hovering over the card and clicking the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner.

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