In order to display OneUp TV, you will require a device (per TV) to run Google Chrome on your screen. Unfortunately smart TV browsers are not powerful or reliable enough to support typical screen display solutions like ours. A few options that work well are as follows:

  1. ASUS Chromebox (best option) - This is a really reliable option due to operating fully autonomously.

  2. ASUS Chromebit - This is the device used in our own office but has become increasingly difficult to find in stock. If you can find it anywhere else, grab it!

  3. You can also connect a spare laptop/computer directly to your TV screen via HDMI cable - This is simple and reliable.

  4. Google Chromecast - This is the weakest option as it relies on you casting from a laptop/computer and relies on that device being awake and connected to the internet. Still a viable option though.

You will also need a wireless keyboard & mouse in order to navigate the TV screen. You may already have one lying around your office but if not, the following keyboard is the one we used:

There are of course other options out there, however we don't feel confident recommending anything we haven't tried ourselves!

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