Celebrating achievements is a great way to create a culture where engagement is high and your team feel like their hard work is recognised. The OneUp Automation feature now enables you to celebrate the winners of a League properly through a TV Flash ✨.

Setting up League celebrations

1. Create a new workflow

  1. Navigate to the Automation page via your navigation bar

  2. Click Create Workflow in the top right corner

  3. Select A league ends... as the source event

  4. Give your workflow an internal name and click Create

2. Set up your trigger (tell OneUp for which league to display the celebration )

  1. If you want to execute the celebration for all leagues, just click Save

  2. If you want to set the celebration for a selected league only, turn off the toggle next to "Trigger on all leagues?" and choose a specific league. Then click Save

3. Add a new stage (tell OneUp on which TV to display the celebration)

  1. Click the + underneath your Trigger setup

  2. Choose TV Flash

  3. If you want to fire the flash on all slideshows, just click Save

  4. If you want to fire the flash on specific slideshows only, turn off the toggle next to "Flash on all active slideshows?" and select a specific slideshow. Then click Save (Note: This option only appears when 'Trigger on all leagues?' is toggled off.)

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