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How a merchant can change payment details on subscription for a customer
How a merchant can change payment details on subscription for a customer

How to edit or change payment information for a subscriber in Ongoing

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As a merchant, you can only view (not edit) the payment information for a customer.

For security purposes, customers payment information will be displayed as a vaulted credit card. For example, only the last 4 digits of a credit card will be visible.

You can however send an email to the customer to notify them to update their payment information.

  1. From Ongoing, click Subscriptions

2. Click on the subscription you want to mange

3. Under Customer Information, click on Full Customer Details

4. In Shopify admin, customer payment information is listed under Payment Methods

5. You can send an email (via Shopify) to your customer so they can change or update their payment info (via Shopify).

Under Payment Methods, click on the More actions drop down menu and select Send link to update card

✅ When the merchant clicks “send link to update card” please note this is done via Shopify and an email is sent out via Shopify. Shopify handles the process for updating payment details.

✅ Does Shopify let merchants change payment info for customers?

No, not at this time.

Shopify does not currently allow store owners to change or edit payment methods on behalf of customers for security purposes. Shopify recommends a workaround which is to refund that order, and then create a draft order for the customer where they could use another payment.

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