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How a Customer can Change Payment Method for an Ongoing™️ Subscription
How a Customer can Change Payment Method for an Ongoing™️ Subscription

Update your billing address or credit card information

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Subscribers can change their payment method for a subscription inside the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, here's how!

Subscribers can click 'Update Payment' to update an existing credit card OR they can click 'Swap Payment' to switch to an existing card on file if they have more than one to choose from.

Shopify handles the actual changing of the payment method.

You can change both your credit card on file as well as your billing address.

  1. Click the link in your subscription confirmation email to access the Ongoing Subscriber Portal.

  2. In the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, click the subscription you want to manage the payment information for

3, Under Payment Details, click on Update Payment Details

4. A message will say "Update instructions sent." This means Shopify has sent you an email as Shopify is the one handling the changing of the payment method.

5. Check you inbox for an email coming from Shopify & click Edit payment details.

6. Click on Change to edit your credit card. You can also update your billing address here. Once you're done, click Update Card.

As a subscriber, when you click “update payment details” on the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, you are then redirected to Shopify who handles changing payment details.

The email generated is created & handled by Shopify for changing payment details.

For issues regarding logging into your Shopify customer account to change your payment method, we recommend please contacting the merchant directly.

The merchant can then open up a customer support ticket with Shopify regarding technical issues with the Shopify platform, thank you.

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