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How to fix "Variant can only be purchased with a selling plan"
How to fix "Variant can only be purchased with a selling plan"
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Have you added the Ongoing Subscription widget to your theme?

HOW TO FIX: Follow these instructions 👉🏼 here.

Still having an issue?

If you have already added the subscription widget, there may be a different reason you are seeing this.

The subscription plan only works on a product page (URL that has /products in it)

The first step is to look at the URL.

Does the URL say something like /pages or /collection ?

Are you featuring a subscription product on your homepage?

You can display the subscription product on a non-product page, but you want to make sure you remove the Add to Cart button.

You can display the product title and photo, but that’s all we recommend displaying.

It’s okay to have the product on the homepage where they just click the product title and go to the actual product page, where they can then click add to cart button.

We recommend making sure there aren't any popup modals on your homepage for this subscription product, and you're not displaying the product's price or add-to-cart buttons, just the product title.

That way, a customer can click on the product title and navigate to the actual product page to see all your subscription options.

Contact Us @Ongoing

We would love to help you out with this. Please feel free to contact us here.

We recommend that you contact our customer support team so we can take a look at your website and see what is going on and help you fix this.

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