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How to Create a Membership with Ongoing
How to Create a Membership with Ongoing

Creating a membership for a non-physical product or service

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STEP 1 - Create your Membership Product on Shopify

Make sure you have a membership product on Shopify, or else please create one.

PRO TIP: When creating a new product on Shopify, make sure:

  • Product Status is set to ACTIVE

  • For Inventory, you have more than 0 quantity OR are not tracking quantity

  • The product has a price that is not $0

STEP 2 - Create a Subscription Plan with Ongoing app

Create a subscription group with a subscription plan.

Then add the membership product.

Step 3 - Add Subscription Widget

  • From Ongoing, click Getting Started

  • Step #2 will tell you how to add the subscription widget to your specific theme.

Already created a subscription plan using Ongoing and now need to connect it to the product?

Perfect. Follow these instructions here.

How Do I Remove the "One-time Purchase" option from displaying?

Follow these instructions here.

How Do I Change the Text (such as "subscribe & save," "delivery every," or "subscription plans"?)

For 2.0 Shopify Themes, follow these instructions here.

If you don't have a 2.0 Shopify theme, click here.

How do I add an annual membership plan?

Yes, you can add an annual membership plan as a new subscription plan.

Delivery every 1 year, Billing every 1 year.

If you look at the product right now, the price will be the exact amount of the product on Shopify and the same as monthly (which I'm sure you don't want).

You can override this by enabling discounts and adding a "set price" discount. Then, enter the dollar amount you want to charge annually.

In this example, I want to charge my customer $150 yearly.

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