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Access Membership - Unlocking Content for members only
Access Membership - Unlocking Content for members only
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If you are looking to create a membership where it gives your customers access to certain pages on your site that are for members only (example: video) ...I will go over how this can be done.

  • Ongoing Subscriptions - Handles the automatic recurring payments for your company. We will tag the subscriber and untag them when they are no longer a subscriber. Here's our guide on customer tagging and how to set that up.

  • LockSmith - Handles the access management portion (denies access to non-members from certain pages and grants access to members to pages )

The setup is a bit involved but luckily does not require any coding.

1.) First, you would need to create a new membership product using Ongoing, we recommend an annual plan that auto-renews. Add a customer tag to the subscription group (i.e. "active_member")

2) Second, you can install an access management app like LockSmith. LockSmith is a 3rd party app and is an amazing company that offers a "pay what feels right" model, which makes them an affordable choice.

On LockSmith, the merchant can gate off content for members only using customer tagging. Follow the Locksmith instructions their instructions for setting up access management on your site. Their customer support team is incredible and can help you along the way.

If you have any questions for our team about Ongoing subscriptions, we are always available to help you out.

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