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✅ How to Set up Shipping for Subscription Products on Shopify using Ongoing
✅ How to Set up Shipping for Subscription Products on Shopify using Ongoing

Tutorial on how to create special shipping rates for subscription products

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Please only use this feature if you want different shipping rates for ONLY subscription products (different than what you currently offer for one-time purchases).

EXAMPLE: You want to offer FREE SHIPPING OR a special Flat Rate for only subscription products.

Otherwise, no action is needed. Shopify will use your regular shipping rates for subscription products, so you're all set!

In this example, I am creating free shipping for all USA orders, but you can create your own shipping rates specific to your needs.

Known Shopify Limitations:

  • Shopify defaults to the cheapest shipping rate for subscription products

  • Shopify only displays one shipping option for subscription products


    1. From Ongoing, click on Settings, then click Shipping a

      nd Delivery

    2. Click Create Delivery Profile

    3. Name your delivery profile (or leave as is)

    4. Click Select Groups

    5. Select a subscription group & click save Changes. All products in the subscription group will have this shipping and delivery profile.

    6. Click Save Changes

    7. Click Manage Rates

    8. Click Add Rates

    9. Click Save

    10. Click Create Shipping zone

    11. Create your shipping zone and click Save

    12. Click Add Rate

    13. Create your rate and click Done

    14. Click Save


  • Test it out and ensure it works correctly before going live with subscriptions. Pretend you're a customer shopping on your site, add a subscription product to the cart, and checkout. to see what shipping rates Shopify displays.

  • You can try adding a one-time purchase to the cart along with the subscription product to see what shipping rates Shopify displays now.

  • Lastly, you can place a test order to see the entire subscription flow (optional).

  • To add international shipping rates, click "create shipping zone" and then "add a rate".

  • If an international customer tries to buy the product, and you don't have shipping rates set up expressly for that country, Shopify will say not available for purchase.


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