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Create a Monthly Curated Subscription Box with Ongoing™️
Create a Monthly Curated Subscription Box with Ongoing™️
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A curated subscription box is where YOU pick out the products for a customer, so they are surprised.

This subscription model works well if you can source new & exciting products all the time from 3rd party companies, to keep the rotation going.

If you're looking for a way for customers to pick what they want - a Mix & match subscription box - check out Ongoing™️ Build a Box.

Here's what a curated subscription box could look like 👀

Please note the appearance of the subscription widget is fully customizable and looks different on different themes, this is just a quick example.

How to Personalize a Curated Subscription Box

While an element of surprise is key to a curated box, it is possible to personalize the experience with Product variants.

By adding product variants to a curated subscription box, this allows the customer to tell you what they would like in general.

This can be helpful for example with skin care products, perhaps you want to send a monthly skin care subscription box to customers, but you'd like for them to tell you their skin type (oily, normal, sensitive, etc)

This can be done with product variants.

In the example below I've created a curated cheese subscription box.

I will offer many product variants (product options) for the customer to pick one that suits their wants & needs.

How to Create a Curated Subscription Box on Shopify with Ongoing™️

First I created a new product on Shopify called "curated cheese subscription box"

You can call your product whatever you'd like.

Next I'm going to add product variants, so the customer can choose their flavor/style.

PRO TIP: Make sure you add inventory levels above 0!

Step 3: In purchase options, click "new option"

Step 4: Here you can create a quick Ongoing subscription plan really quick, I'm going to show you how this looks with just a simple monthly delivery frequency.

Step 5: Next, on the Shopify Product page, you'll check the box "Only show this product with these purchase options"

In a nutshell, that will make this a 'subscription only' product and remove the one time purchase option from appearing on the product page.

Step 7: Test it out to see how it works! Feel free to reach out to Ongoing if you have any questions or need any help.

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