jmc automated attendance will make calls for you when a student is reported absent with no reason given. Not only that, it will email a daily report detailing what calls were made and which calls were unsuccessful so that you know which families you need to manually call to check on an absent student.

Let's set up automated attendance notifications. Log in to jmc Office and go to Message Center > Attendance Notification Settings.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Attendance Notification" checkbox to enable notifications to be sent.

Step Two: Enter an email address in the "Email address(es) the daily report will be sent to:" field to confirm sending the automatic attendance report.

Helpful Tip: Separate multiple email addresses with commas to send to multiple recipients.

Step Three: Select a radio button in the "Attendance" box to identify which type of absences should be included in the absent report.

  • "Excused": students that have permission to be absent

  • "Unexcused": students you have not received a reason for their absence

  • "Both": Includes both "Excused" and "Unexcused" students

Helpful Tip: Is attendance going to be sporadic during Homecoming or a class field trip? Uncheck “Enable Attendance Notification” that day to stop notifications.

Step Four: Click the "Time of the day to send calls:" field or simply click the clock icon to specify a time you'd like the calls will be sent.

Helpful Tip: Set the time calls are made after you have completed attendance to prevent parents from calling the office before you have had time to complete checking student absences.

Step Five: Enter an additional message to be read in the "Additional Message:" field.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to update the automated attendance notification settings.

Fun Fact: The call will be a computer voice stating the student’s name and that they are absent period one today as well as any custom message you have set up.

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