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Setup automated attendance notifications
Setup automated attendance notifications

Streamline the attendance process by automatically notifying families via phone calls when their student is absent

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jmc Office simplifies the office's attendance process by offering automatic attendance notifications, which promptly inform families via phone calls about student absences, eliminating the need for manual searches and individual contact. By customizing the preferred time for notification calls, the office team can ensure timely communication, while administrators receive a detailed email list of notified families and the status of their notifications, ensuring efficient attendance management.

Setup automated attendance notifications by logging into jmc Office and go to Message Center > Attendance Notification Settings.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Attendance Notification" checkbox to ensure families receive notification calls regarding attendance.

Step Two: Enter the desired email address(es) separated by comma in the "Email address(es) the daily report will be sent to" field to specify the recipients of the daily report containing the list of families receiving attendance notification calls.

Step Three: Select a radio button in the "Attendance" box to identify which type of absences would warrant an automated attendance call.

  • "Excused": students who have permission to be absent

  • "Unexcused": students for whom no reason has been provided for their absence

  • "Both": includes both "Excused" and "Unexcused" students

Helpful Tip: When expecting irregular attendance due to events like Homecoming or field trips, remove the checkmark from the "Enable Attendance Notifications" checkbox to avoid sending unnecessary attendance alerts.

Step Four: Enter a time in the "Time of the day to send calls" field or simply click the clock icon to specify a time you'd like the notification calls to be sent.

Helpful Tip: To minimize the risk of accidentally sending incorrect alerts, it's recommended to select a time of day that gives the office team ample time to review the attendance records before initiating notification calls.

Step Five: Enter a message in the "Additional Message" field to include any details you would like to share with families in your automated attendance notification call, such as a reminder to follow up with the school office.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to save your changes and update the automated attendance notification settings.

Fun Fact: The automated call will feature a computerized voice stating the student's name and mentioning their absence in period one today, along with any information included in the "Additional Message" field.

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