An "activity" is any group of students you would like to associate with a leader. Create activities for sports, fine arts, student clubs, and field trips. Once an activity is created Athletic Directors and office professionals will be able to print and view activity rosters, send communications by activity group, and much more.

Adding a coach or advisor to an activity gives them access to their activity roster in the coaches/activities mobile app to send communication, view student schedules and more. Now that you've entered activity coaches, directors, or advisers in the "Edit Activity Coach/Advisor" page under the Activities module, you are ready to create activities.

Head to Activities > Edit Activity Definitions to get started!

Step One: Click the “Add Activity” button to begin a new activity entry.

Step Two: Enter numbers, letters, or a combination of both in the “Code” field to associate a code with an activity to be used to identify the activity throughout the Activities module in lists.

Step Three: Enter a name in the "Activity Name" field to define your student activity.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Include on Transcript" checkbox if you want to include the activity on student transcripts.

Step Five (optional): Enter a name in the "Advisor" field to note the advisor or coach associated with the activity.

Step Six: Enter a date in the "Physical Exam Date", "Parent Permission Date", and "Concussion Awareness Date" fields to indicate the oldest acceptable date for each field or simply click the calendar icon next to each field.

Step Seven (optional): Remove the checkmark from the "Active" checkbox to make an activity "inactive" if it no longer meets or exists.

Fun Fact: Inactive activities will be hidden from the coach/advisor mobile app to keep active rosters front and center.

Step Eight: Select a fee using the "Activity Fee" drop-down list if a fee from the tuition and fees module is charged to students in this activity.

Step Nine (optional): Enter an iCal URL in the "iCal Link" field to associate iCal schedule information with this activity. The activity schedule information will import into the File > Event Scheduler nightly.

Helpful Tip: The "iCal Link" field will only be visible if the iCal integration is enabled at File > Integrations.

Step Ten: Click the "Save" button to save the activity information.

Step Eleven: Click the "+ Add Coach/Advisor" button to designate any additional coaches/advisors for the activity.

Step Twelve: Select a coach/advisor to associate with the activity using the "Coach/Advisor" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Not seeing your coach in the drop-down list? Add a coach on the Activities > Edit Activity Coach/Advisor page.

Step Thirteen: Enter a description (i.e. "Head Coach") in the "Position" field to define the coach's role.

Step Fourteen: Click the "Save" button to save a coach/advisor to the activity or click the "Cancel" button to discard changes.

Helpful Tip: Add administrators, activities directors, or assistant coaches to activity rosters to keep them looped in on all emails and text messages sent to the group.

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