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Becoming an expert in the Communication module in jmc Office
Becoming an expert in the Communication module in jmc Office

The Communication module in jmc Office gives your district the ability to track interactions between staff, students, and families.

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The Communication module in jmc Office allows teachers, coaches, and office users the ability to submit and track interactions with families and students for better in-school communication. School staff have one place to record and share important interactions, such as student conversations or parent/guardian phone calls, and observations about a student’s well-being. Documenting these interactions ensures you are supported when questions arise about a student.

The Communication module in jmc Office is made up of two sections based upon the specific task you're trying to achieve.

  1. Data

  2. Reports

From logging conversations with a student to reviewing submissions from staff to printing a full interaction history with a family, the Communication module has you covered. To get started, log in to jmc Office and head to the Communication module to view its features.


View existing communication records, add new communication records, and accept communication submissions from jmc Teacher.

  • Edit Student Records: your one-stop-shop for a student's communication record history

    • Reference student communication records from current and previous school years.

    • Add a new communication record for a student.

    • View student information such as their primary contact information, grade level, student ID, and birth date.

  • Merge Communication Submissions: review communication submissions from teachers and convert them to formal communication records

    • View all pending communication submissions waiting for approval.

    • Review the details of each communication submission from jmc Teacher including who submitted it, when it occurred, the reason it was created, and the action taken.

    • Convert the submission to a permanent communication record by accepting it, or discard it by rejecting it.


The Communication module report provides a detailed level view of your student communication records.

  • Student: report on student infractions with each student on a separate page

    • Run a report of student communication record detail, filtered by "Sequential", "Random", "Grade", or "Advisor", with each student on a new page.

    • Print or Export the report information for further review.

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