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Processing teacher communication submissions
Processing teacher communication submissions

The Communication module in jmc puts the office in control of communication that is vital to a student's growth and success.

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Proper and appropriate communication about students among staff is crucial to a school's success. In jmc, you can keep up to date with vital information regarding students. Accept or reject communication records submitted by teachers to help steer the ship in the right direction regarding appropriate student communication.

To accept or reject communication submissions in jmc Office, head to Communication > Data > Merge Communication Submissions.

Step One: Click a communication record in the "Pending Communication Records" box to select a communication record submitted from jmc Teacher.

Step Two: Enter or edit details in the "Action" and "Detail" fields to adjust the communication record as needed.

Step Three: Click the "Reject" button to discard the communication submission or click the "Accept" button to store the communication record for future reference.

Fun Fact: Accepted communication records can be edited or deleted on the Communication > Data > Edit Student Records page.

Helpful Tip: Want teachers to be able to view accepted student communication records in jmc Teacher? Grant permission on the "Teacher" tab of the File > Online Settings page.

Fun Fact: Upon accepting a communication submission, a pop up window will display allowing you to send a copy of the communication record to families, advisors, and teachers.

Step Four (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Email Primary Contact", "Email Advisor" and/or "Email Teachers" checkbox(es) to send an email of the communication record to the families, advisors, and teachers associated with the student.

Step Five (optional): Enter an email address in the "Email To" field to send an email of the communication record to administrators or other key stakeholders.

Step Six (optional): Enter an email address in the "Reply to Address" field to receive a response to your email.

Step Seven (optional): Enter your message in the "Email Message" field to include additional information with your attached communication record.

Step Eight: Click the "Send Email" button to send your message to the selected recipients or click the "Close" button exit the pop up window.


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