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Adding special commendations to the Activities module
Adding special commendations to the Activities module

Students receiving special commendations for participation in activities such as "All Conference" can be recognized in jmc!

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Activities Directors and office professionals can utilize jmc to track when participants in activities receive special commendations. Define commendations such as "All Conference", "All State", or "Team Captain" to easily attach students to an activity and award. Commendations can then be displayed on student transcripts to help provide the full student scope of achievements!

Define commendations in jmc Office under Activities > Edit Special Commendations.

Step One: Click the "Add Record" link to add a new special commendation to your list.

Step Two: Enter a 1-4 character code in the "Code" field for internal use.

Step Three: Enter the name of the honor in the "Commendation" field. For example: "First Team All Conference" or "Varsity Letter Winner".

Step Four: Click the "Update" link to save your changes or click the "Cancel" link to discard.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Edit" link next to an existing commendation to edit the entry or click the "Delete" link to remove it.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print a list of all your special commendations for future reference.

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