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Tying special commendations to activities in the Activities module
Tying special commendations to activities in the Activities module

Associate custom special commendations with activities so you can award the students who earned them!

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Once you have created your commendations in the Activities module, Activity Directors and front office professionals will need to associate them with specific activities so they can be awarded to students. Once commendations are associated with activities, they can be awarded to students on the Edit Activity Rosters page to honor your standout students with an extra distinction.

Log in to jmc Office and go to Activities > Activities/Commendations to tie commendations to activities.

Step One: Click the name of the activity in the "Activity" panel on the left to select an activity.

Step Two: Click the commendation in the "Available Commendations" panel on the right to associate it with the activity.

A few helpful tips:

  • Not seeing the commendation you are looking for in the "Available Commendations" panel? Head to Activities > Edit Special Commendations to add commendations to the list.

  • To remove a commendation from an activity, click the commendation in the "Commendations for this Activity" box in the middle of the page.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print the Activities/Commendations page for future reference.

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