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Exploring the Message Center

Improve communication with your families, staff, students, and activity groups with easy to use emailing, texting and phone calling.

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Communication is key at jmc! Message Center, our fully integrated voice, email, and text messaging module, makes it easy for schools to build positive relationships with their families and students. With Message Center, users can direct messages to specific groups by grade level, activity, course, and even bus number. Record and save common messages for future use or use our text-to-voice feature to type a message that will be read by your choice of a male or female voice when the call is placed.

From sending weather alerts to monitoring outgoing message progress to reviewing staff messaging usage history, the Message Center module has everything you need to keep all stakeholders up to date! Log in to jmc Office and select the "Message Center" module to learn more.

Send Messages

The need to send out mass text, voice messages, and emails may arise at any point in the day so it's important to be able to send different types of messages to your students and families. The Message Center has four different types of messages to choose from to communicate with your contact and specific groups.

  • Emails: send an email to all email addresses maintained for the contact and/or
    the student

  • Text Messaging: enter a text message to be sent to the families and students

  • Phone Call (Text to Voice): enter a message and choose a male or female voice to have your typed message read aloud when the call is placed

  • Recorded Phone Calls: record a voice message that is played and saved for future use

Messages can be scheduled or sent immediately in a few combinations to ensure your message is received.

  • Email and Text

  • Email, Text, and Phone

Message Status

After sending or scheduling your messages, monitor their delivery progress and time. For messages in progress see how many have been delivered and how many are still left to go! Even edit the date and/or time for a future scheduled message. And finally, delete a message you no longer need to send.

Messaging Logs

Whether a phone call or text message is sent from jmc Office or our mobile apps, you can find a comprehensive list of what messages were sent, who sent them, who they went to, and when they were delivered. The message log allows you to easily see all these details as well as print or export the log for future reference!

Manage Phone Recordings

After perfecting your phone recordings that get sent out to your students and families, manage and view them here! This is the one-stop-shop for managing those recordings where you can review them before sending or simply rename them to make it easier to select for sending at a later date.

Attendance Notification Settings

Who has free time to call parents and guardians at 9:00? If a student is absent the first period of the day, messages can be set up to automatically call families notifying them of their student's absence. Want to call only for unexcused absences and not excused absences? No problem! Want a daily email report automatically sent with who was called? We've got you covered there too.

External Communication Detail Log

Sometimes you want to look back and see the past messages sent! The detail log gives you an in-depth look at the message type, the building, which school year it applies to, who sent it, the location of the message, the date, and any queued data. An export is even available so you can file the log export away for future reference!

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